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Leading Natural Equestrians Website Links

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Carolyn Resnick

Mark Rashid

GaWaNi Ponyboy

Alexander Nevzorov

Natural Horsemanship Equipment (UK Websites)

Rope Halters, Bitless Bridles, Treeless Saddles etc.

Equine Whispers

Horse & Harmony

Recommended Viewing (Educational DVDs)

Path of the Horse

- Beautiful & insightful documentary with the world's leading groundbreaking equestrians

Klaus Ferdiand Hempfling

- Dancing with Horses

                                             Coming Together

Alexander Nevzorov

- Nevzorov Ecole Principles

Recommended Reading

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

- It's not I who seek the Horse, the Horse seeks me

                                                Dancing with Horses (also available on DVD)

Frederic Pignon & Migali Delgado

- Gallop to Freedom

Carolyn Resnick

- Naked Liberty

Linda Kohanov

- The Tao of Equus

                            Riding Between the Worlds

Mark Rashid - Considering the Horse

GaWaNi Ponyboy

- Horse Follow Closely

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