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Meet the Horses

The Flying with Horses herd of horses all live-out naturally as a herd and enjoy a life enriched with free participation in healing & teaching at liberty. All of our visitors engage with the horses in their 14 acre field, surrounded by trees, wild flowers in the Summer, & a free running stream. Buzzards and Red Kites are often seen soaring the skies overhead, in the evening deer share the grazing & foxes make their homes nearby.

Our herd have been together for 11 years, being a closely bonded family who love to share their gifts with people. Please read about our horses & what they have to offer you...


The Flying with Horses herd


A beautiful cob mare, Angel has been through intense abuse, neglect & trauma in her life, but has come through the darkness to overcome her fears.

Angel now steps forwards to help people overcome their fears or their previous trauma, guiding you to find the courage within yourself to find a way forwards in your life. Having healed the issues in her life, Angel can help do the same for you.

The wise matriarch of the herd, Angel teaches  those on the path of serving humanity with passion & heart.


An enormous Shire mare, with an equaly huge, open heart, Blessing is our master teacher of the herd. What can Blessing teach you? She can show you where your life's passions lie, what your greatest strengths are, as well as the areas where she can help you to improve.

A fearless, gentle & compassionate soul who shows you how to overcome any limiting beliefs about yourself & find the confidence to be proud of who you are. 


(Wind that brings snow)

Shanook is a handsome traditional cob gelding with the most sincere, honest nature & open heart. Jubilee is highly sensitive, & being a dominant horse, he can teach you  how to win his trust & respect, qualities which will help all relationships in your life, including the most important one, the one you have with yourself!

Shanook traverses the physical & spiritual worlds & can help you to connect with your higher, authentic self & live your life with greater authenticity & passion.


Orion is our youngest herd member, having arrived in August 2014. A gentle youngster, Orion is just 2 years old & is already settling into his new life with grace & majesty!

Orion will have all the time he needs to grow & explore his potential before working with our clients. He is very affectionate & loves  to be around people, he brings joy simply by being his very special self!

Seymor Arran

Our newest herd member is the gentlest soul, brimming with wisdom & a profund inner strength steeped within his quiet demeanour.

The confident leader of the herd, Seymor Arran teaches us the ultimate leadership qualities of gentleness, inner strength, humility & courage.

Allow this gentle giant to lead you on a dance to your ultimate inner self, where in stillness together, he can help you be reunited with your rich inner presence.

   Friends from The Rainbow Bridge



Dear Joseph was Leanna's dream come true of having her own horse, & has been the greatest inspiration in her life. He was there at the start of Flying with Horses, being a favourite of many of our visitors, & the proud, gentle leader of our herd.

Joseph left his body to travel into the world of spirit, on the eve of the 24th December 2013, leaving his body with grace & majesty just as the stars began to shine.

Joseph continues to watch over us, & his many gifts continue to bless our lives, which have been infinitely enriched by our treasure-trove of memories from this noble, gentle giant. Fly free dear Joseph, & gallop freely among the stars, of which you surely shine the brightest.



Beautiful Starlight came to us from a rescue centre who saved her from a life of abuse & neglect. At just 5 years old, this gentle, unhandled mare was just about to start a new life of joy, trust & healing which we hoped would a new dream unfolding for many years to come.

Sadly Starlight experienced an accident on her way to us, & during the short week she was with us, we did all that we could to give her every chance of survival. Starlight fought valiantly for her new life, & overcame her fear & mistrust of people as she embraced all the healing which she received.

After a week of spending almost every waking & sleeping hour with this special soul, her body couldn't match her strength of will & she was peacefully put to sleep surrounded by all the love she'd been able to receive, by all the people whose hearts had been infinitely expanded by her. Thank you for shining so brightly dear one.

Some of Our Rescues


At Flying with Horses we also rescue, rehabilitate & rehome horses in need. In the past 5 years Leanna has taken in 8 horses & ponies who were desperately needing a new home, each one with their own story to tell. They have all enjoyed a year living out with our herd, remembering what it is to be a horse living as naturally as we can provide, enjoying the security of forming equine relationships & overcoming their mistreatment, neglect, or needing physical healing. We then rehome them in pairs to our Advanced Certified Students who are ready to bring horses into their lives & share the transformational power of horses with their clients & visitors.

          Cleo, Irish Sport Horse                           Summer, Andalusian filly                                   Blossom, TB                              Harry, Riding Pony

Cleo came to us from Scotland with             Summer was an abandoned yearling     Blossom is a beautiful ex-racing,         Harry was a family jumping pony

severe laminitis which we healed with         filly that we loved having for year,         ex-polo mare who was only days        who had become unrideable after

thanks to Cytek farriery, which shapes        even though she was a bundle of          away from being shot because           giving his all & only ever having

the hoof as nature intended. Cleo is            mischief! She loved to work with           she'd become 'unmanageable'. This    more demanded of him. A willing

now living with Summer in Surrey with         our visitors & now enjoys a life with      previously misunderstood horse is      treasure of a pony, he now lives

our Advanced Student Shirani.                     Cleo in Surrey.                                       now cherishing life with Marianne        a peaceful life with Advanced

                                                                                                                                   in Swindon with rescued pony Harry.  Student Marianne & with Blossom.

Cleo & Summer (Sultana) in their new home with Shirani & Maya                         Blossom & Harry in their new home with Marianne in Swindon                                                                           

To see more photos of our beautiful horses, please visit our Photo Gallery which also shows pictures of our courses & students.

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