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Courses & Workshops ~  2019

All of our courses & workshops are held outside a small village called Hook, in Hampshire, England,

with a maximum of 4 participants per course. All levels of experience welcome, & no riding involved.

For the second year now, we are only running one-to-one sessions / courses, or private group bookings.
This is due to ou field being surrounded by noisy housing development on 2 sides, and to reduce any further
impact on our field as we have lost our rotational grazing to so called 'development'. We are urgently in need
of a new home so please spread the word and help us relocate to continue our valuable work, thank you.
We display 
a list of last year's courses below to show the experiences we've been offering previously.

Weekend Workshops

Shamanic Weekend

A special weekend of personal exploration &   

reconnection in nature with the horses. With 

guided meditations, music, healing with horses &

a night fire ceremony with overnight camping in

the field with the herd. A time of immense inner

healing & transformation during the Summer

Solstice weekend. Please bring your own tents

or just sleeping bags if you wish to enjoy the


Date: Sat 18th - Sun 19th June

Time: Sat midday - Sunday midday (24 hours)

Price: £275 per person


Certified Courses

Certified Course Modules

2-day one-to-one training focusing on one specific area of horsemanship per module, with the chance to take an additional 1-day advanced module to gain supervised experience with 2 case-studies (provided).


  • Equine Facilitated Therapy

Learn to facilitate EFT sessions

  • Shamanic Horse Journeying

Learn to offer horse-guided

Shamanic journey processes

  • Equine Rehabilitation

Learn the art of natural horsemanship & horse whispering to help rehabilitate equine behavioural & emotional issues

  • Equine Reiki & Animal Communication

Train to become a certified Usui Reiki animal healer 

For detailed information on our Certified Modules & Courses

Click Here

One-to-one Modules Info:

Cost: £595 per 2-day module

£295 advanced day

Time: 10am-4pm

Date: Arranged Individually


'Natural with Horses'

6-Day Certified Course

Our most comprehensive course is suitable for all levels of experience, including those who wish to experience a transformational time with horses to those wishing to embark on a professional career with horses.

Taught as a private group booking or one-to-one course. The course can be booked at as single days to suit you, or as an intensive 6 days in a row.

  • Natural Horsemanship
  • Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Horse Whispering
  • Equine Reiki & Animal Communication

Dates: Bespoke course dates to suit you.

Cost: £2200 for one-to-one

£1400 per person for a private group booking.

   Contact Leanna to book your course.





Advanced Training

We offer a bespoke 2-day one-to-one course for those wishing to progress to becoming Advanced Students, offering advanced training & teaching skills.

We provide the opportunity to observe professional sessions in your chosen area (Equine Reiki, Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Behaviour Rehabilitation) as well as 2 supervised  case-study experiences to gain confidence  to work professionally.

Price: £575 

1 ~ Day Workshops

Shamanic Day

Enjoy a day connecting  with the majestic spiritual energies of the horse, gaining insights into their messages for you as a powerful totem animal willing to help you grow spiritually. A transofrmational day, including meditation, healing, connecting with nature & one-to-one time with the horses.

Date: Saturday   30th  April

Time: 10am - 4pm

Price: £120 per person


Horse Whispering 

An introduction to horse whispering, learning how horses communicate & how we can interact with them to build a relationship based on mutual trust & respect. A fun day working with horses in the roundpen & leading.

Date: Saturday  14th May

Time: 10am - 4pm

Price: £120 per person


Meditating with Horses

A day of exploring meditative horsemanship with our herd of 4 horses. Engaging in fluid movements & centredness to truly dance with horses! Expand your ability to feel & connect with nature, horses, & your inner self.

Date: Sat 9th July

Time: 10am - 4pm

Price: £120 per person


Advanced Horse Whispering 

A day of refining previous horse whispering experience, building lightness, focus, energy, collection, expression & balance in ourselves & the horse.  Allowing our communications to become minimal, concentrated  & precise to deepen our connection with horses at new levels, whilst allowing for play & spontaneity!

Date: Saturday  4th July 2015

Time: 10am - 4pm

Price: £120 per person


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