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Horse Whispering

Learning The Natural Language of Horses

Explore the natural world of horses, understand horses like never before, & enjoy building a relationship with horses based on mutual trust & respect. We offer a unique style of Horse Whispering which never focuses on the horse submitting to us, but on developing our ability to connect with horses & build a relationship with them on their terms. We offer Private Sessions, Weekend Courses & Certified Courses in Horse Whispering.

What is Horse Whispering

Horse Whispering is communicating with horses in their  own natural language.

Horses, much like ourselves, use a variety of ways to communicate & they are highly intelligent & expressive. When we understand what they are saying & understand how to talk with them, a whole new world of horsemanship unfolds!

Horses express themselves through body language, facial expressions, sound, intent & energy.

When we understand horses, & learn how to speak with them, we realise that horses are always speaking with us & they are willing to teach us the benefits of clear, authentic communication with helps us in all areas of our lives.

What are the Benefits?

Understanding horse speak is not only beneficial in our relationship with horses, it also offers many benefits to us in our daily lives.

By learning Horse Whispering, we also gain:

  • Clear, confident communication skills
  • Increased levels of awareness
  • Improved ability to focus & concentrate
  • Enhanced relationship skills
  • Better balance & co-ordination
  • Learning to take steps to success

Horse Whispering develops our whole being, improving many vital life skills, whilst deepening our relationship with horses in a more respectful, mutually beneficial way.

Book a Demo / Workshop 

Leanna travels to offer Horse Whispering demonstrations & workshops at Equestrian Centres or at your local livery yard.

The best way to improve the relationship with your horse is to learn how to listen to them, how to interpret their communications, & how to respond to them.

Horse Whispering is not a quick-fix for behavioural issues. To optimally help our horses through any issues, we need to take the steps they require of us, to build their trust, confidence & respect in us.

If we take the time to develop ourselves as the trusted leader our horse needs us to be, we forge a strong foundation of an unshakeable relationship & enjoy the gifts of our horse giving themselves freely to us.

Contact Us for booking a visit with your horse or to book a group workshop day at your yard.

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