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What We Offer

We offer a variety of personal experiences or group workshops & courses to suit all needs & levels of experience. We offer individual & group experiences, workshops & Certified Courses in the following aread of holistic horsemanship: Equine Assisted Therapy, Horse Whispering,   Equine Reiki & Animal Communication, & Shamanic Journeying with Horses.

We embrace hands-on, experiential & holistic interactions with horses, encouraging the development of each person's innate ability to connect with horses at a deepening level,  being able to understand horses & build a trusting relationship with them in a therapeutic environment.

Private Bookings

Private One-to-One or Group Sessions

Experience horses on a personal level, enjoy a taylor-made equine experience, receive a life-changing Equine Assisted Therapy session, or book a private course for yourself, to enjoy with your friends & family.

We offer the following, either as taster sessions of as Certified Courses:

  • Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Horse Whispering
  • Equine Reiki
  • Animal Communication
  • Natural with Horses Certified  Course

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Courses & Workshops

Enjoy experiencing horses in beautiful countryside, learning with a hands-on approach with a magnificent herd of horses, in a supportive environment.

Our weekend workshops allow you to get to know horses on a deeper level & to take their life-changing lessons home with you.

Our Certified Courses will transform your life, your relationship with horses, & also allows you to become a Certified Student if you are wishing to work with horses professionally.

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Help with You Horse

Contact Leanna direct or find one of our specialists in your area to help you overcome any behavioural issues with your horse.

  • Understand what your horse is saying
  • Learn how to catch your horse
  • Overcome napping / bolting / spooking
  • Learn Natural Horsemanship
  • Learn bitless & bareback riding

We offer healing or behavioural rehabilitation for horses, so if you want to experience a closer bond of mutual trust & understanding with your horse, or you wish to book an Equine Reiki healing session, then this is the page for you!

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