About Flying with Horses

Flying with Horses is a Natural Horsemanship Centre which    offers unique, life-changing experiences  through guided interactions with horses, based in Hampshire, England.

Leanna & her herd of 5 rescued horses help people from all walks of life; those wishing to experience a closer connection to horses, therapeutic experiences with horses, or working professionally in therapeutic horsemanship.

Flying with Horses Offers the following areas of Natural Horsemanship to all people:

  • Equine Assisted Therapy ~ Receive profound, life-changing healing from the horses
  • Horse Whispering ~ Learn the language of horses, how to understand & communicate with them
  • Equine Reiki ~ Learn how to channel energy healing intuitively to help horses
  • Animal Communication ~ Enter into the world of the subtle, natural communication of animals

We offer Private Bookings, Group Courses, Workshops & Certified Courses.

How Can Horses Help Me?

Horses are highly sociable, communicative & intelligent animals who have an exceptional gift when it comes to helping people. Horses naturally follow a calm, confident leader who enables them to feel safe & relaxed. When we interact with them, they show us areas within ourselves where we are lacking in calmness, confidence or clarity. By working with them, we are able to overcome these & any other issues.

Horses can help you to improve your life through presonal development, as well as overcoming any specific issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, previous abuse or trauma, & addictions.

Horses are master teachers who can help you:

  • Improve Confidence & Self Worth
  • Communicate Clearly & Openly
  • Express Emotions Positively
  • Establish Positive Boundaries
  • Create respectful relationships
  • Find clarity in your life purpose
  • Overcome past trauma, abuse & PTSD

We offer a safe & supportive environment where our experience & sensitivity can help you on your pathway of true healing, freeing you from past traumas, enabling you to enjoy life freely once more.

Establishing trust & bonding with our big Shire mare Blessing

Reaching out to connect with Angel who helps people overcome their fears

Learning how to lead, with our gentle cob Jubilee

Sharing a special moment with Jubilee during a horse whispering session

Sharing closeness, experiencing friendship with Blessing

When we are open & honest, horses trust & follow us, like Angel is doing here.


'Thank you so much for listening & showing me how to listen not only to horses but myself and life.' Julie, Alton

'I have learnt and gained so much from the time I've spent with you & the horses - much more than I ever thought possible. Thank you for your patience, your loving encouragement & your belief in me.' Marianne, Swindon

'I had never experienced being with horses in such freedom. I have learnt that it is ok for me to listen to that voice inside of me, and already the changes are very apparent in my life' Anne, Middlesex

'Thank you so much for your patience & caring mentoring.  It was a truly amazing journey & learning experience. Thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful gift.' Jules, Fareham

There are no words to describe the profound & beautiful time we shared together on the Natural with Horses course. I have felt encouraged & supported to be truly myself. I have learnt so much from the herd about being truly present in their world & enjoyed a sence of peace. You are a generous, honest soul & have a warm, non possessive way which I embraced fully. Thank you from my enlarged heart! Lou Pell, Ross on Wye

'I've been absolutely bowled over by the experience of my session! You have a special talent & wonderful horses. I cant really explain what you do other than that it's something special!' Michael, Kent

About Leanna Milward

Leanna has always enjoyed a natural bond with horses, her connection having deepend since studying with GaWaNi Ponyboy, a Cherokee Horse Whisperer, throughout 2003.

Establishing Flying with Horses the following year, after extensive training, as well as rescuing & rehabilitating the 4 magnificent horses that are the centre of Flying with Horses.

Leanna has had several articles published  in UK magazines Kindred Spirit, Sacred Hoop, More to Life & Wellness Magazine. Leanna is trained in the following:

Native American Horsemanship

Equine Assisted Therapy

Horse Whispering & Rehabilitation 

Equine & Canine Behaviour Specialist

Certified Kinesioligist & Usui Reiki

Leanna studying GaWaNi's 'Horses Teaching People' Level I & II at the Finca Verde in 2003

Leanna with Angel & Joseph

Leanna riding Tarife during a bitless & bareback riding course at the Finca Verde in 2003